Sunday, August 11, 2013

One-Eyed Willie Porter

Hey you guys!!!

If you’re a child of the 80’s like us, then you love the Goonies – unless you’re Ravi Prakash who falls asleep during the attic scene, but we won’t get into that.  It’s a movie filled with adventure, mystery, and the best dance move of 1985: the Truffle Shuffle.  From setting the jail on fire, all the way to watching The Inferno sail off into the sunset, we were on the edge of our seats.  And this movie was the inspiration for our One-Eyed Willie Porter.

When trying to decide what type of beer One-Eyed Willy would be, we felt that a porter seemed like a pirate drink.  We could imagine ol’ One Eye (as we like to call him) battling a perfect storm with the helm in one hand and a porter in the other laughing maniacally as his crew ran around trying to batten down the hatches before they were swept overboard.  OK, so maybe we put a little too much thought into it, but we’re sure you’ll be glad that we did. 

With porters and stouts being almost like cousins we took a page from our extremely popular Lost Woods and soaked some oak in some hard alcohol.  But instead of whiskey we used the pirate drink of choice, rum.  And instead of American oak we went with French oak, which is more subtle and spicy (and somehow seems more pirate-y).  Also, with One-Eyed Willie getting trapped in 1632 in what became Astoria, Oregon, we used only Oregon hops.

So now that you’ve outran the Fratelli’s, outsmarted Chester Copperpot, and escaped the octopus (if you do not know what this is referring to, close your computer and just quit everything), reward yourself with this pirate favorite.

Brandon: “When I was little I wanted to be like the Goonies – going on adventures, finding buried treasure, sliding down sails with a knife, making big cheesy speeches about how it’s our time, our time down here (shut up, you know you teared up), and using my pinchers of peril (yeah I thought it was pinchers of power too) to stop my fall into a pit of spikes.  There’s no way we weren’t going to make a Goonies themed beer.  And just like the movie this beer gets better every time I drink it.”

Joey: “The Goonies movie is a better movie than your mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Of course The Neverending Beer Factory was going to make a beer for it! One-Eyed Willie is a memorable character, even though he’s pretty dead. He’s way more badass than Jack Sparrow. The beer has to be worthy of such a character, and I truly believe it is. It’s malty, oakey, unique, and tastes like Willie’s rotting eye-patch.  Sloth would be proud. (And no, Brandon, no one thought it was pinchers of power, just you.)”

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